Digital Marketing help for your small business.


Be small. Be Loud.
Be Nimble. Be Confident.

We can help you put your business in front of your customers. Talk to us about how we can work with you to make sure you are putting your best foot forward with all of your digital customer communications. From marketing mentoring packages through to email campaigns, copywriting, graphic design and online (social and websites) we love working with small businesses and seeing them develop the confidence to go out on their own.

Whilst it seems that technology moves forward at a blinding pace, small businesses now have unprecedented access to tools and media that were only available to the big guys not so long ago. What we deliver to clients is access to these low-cost tools coupled with our own practical experience and expertise (and those of other trusted providers we bring on from time to time). It has held my business in good stead and I look forward to working with you on yours.



Katie Russo is the principal of Darkmade and is a marketer with over 20 years experience and a particular fondness for working with small businesses.

Katie has helped clients with:
 setting up online stores, sending terrific emails, copywriting and document design, social media planning and advertising, strategic marketing strategy and marketing mentoring . She spends her days helping her clients reach their potential with smart, straightforward marketing in between fending off hungry dogs, small chickens and children as well as searching for the perfect flat white.


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